Human Rights in Latin America Film Event!

5PM Saturday 19th October | Building Y3A, Theatre 1, Macquarie University

Entry by Donation

Once again and for a fourth year, the Sydney Latin American Film Festival (SLAFF) and Macquarie University are presenting the “Human Rights in Latin America Film … Read the rest

The Clown | O Palhaço | Opening Night Film & Fiesta

(Brazil) Wed 4th Sep 7pm SLAFF 2013 opens with the award winning Brazilian comedy drama 'The Clown' followed by the 'Baja Cantina Opening Night Fiesta' featuring El Orqueston, a 12-piece salsa and timba orchestra with a huge live energy!

The Cleaner | El Limpiador

cleaner (Peru) Thu 5th Sep 7pm Adrián Saba’s ‘The Cleaner’ is a moody generational drama set in an apocalyptic Lima. The up-and-coming writer/director immerses us in the world of two deeply guarded souls struggling through the devastation.

No Autumn, No Spring | Sin Otoño, Sin Primavera

No Autumn, No Spring (Ecuador/Colombia/France) Thu 5th Sep 9pm Three highly charged stories of love, loss and rock ‘n’ roll, 'No Autumn, No Spring' paints a portrait of Guayaquil’s disenchanted middle-class youth and their hedonistic pursuit of happiness.

Route of the Moon | Ruta de la Luna

(Panama/Ecuador) Fri 6th Sept 7pm Tito leaves his native Panama for Costa Rica to take care of his father. Unexpectedly, the two embark upon a marathon drive from Costa Rica, picking up a stray young woman and her filthy dog along the way.

Tlatelolco – Summer of 68 | Tlatelolco, Verano del 68

(Mexico) Fri 6th Sep 9pm With a revolutionary fervour and widespread social discontent sweeping through pre-World Cup Brazil, Carlos Bolado’s award-winning film 'Tlatelolco - Summer of 68' couldn't be more timely.

Peru Sabe: Cuisine as an agent of social change | Perú Sabe: La cocina como arma social

(Peru/Spain) Sat 7th Sep 5pm A foodie favourite, following top chefs Gastón Acurio and Ferran Adrià on a mouthwatering journey around Peru (the audience will be treated to a feast after the screening).

Rock, Paper, Scissors | Piedra, papel o tijera

Piedra,-papel-o-tijera_72dpi (Venezuela) Sat 7th Sep 7pm Q&A with guest director Hernán Jabes. A smash hit in Venezuela, come along for an emotionally charged portrayal of a chaotic society, where uncertainty of fate and the pressures of modern life sometimes boil over.

Expiration Date | Fecha de Caducidad

Fecha-de-caducidad-PROGRAM (Mexico) Sat 7th Sep 9pm Kenya Márquez’s critically acclaimed Expiration Date (Fecha de Caducidad) effortlessly blends melodrama, suspense and dark humour to create a wry commentary on contemporary Mexico.

Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe | Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe

Bullock_Selkirk_Pupi-(1)(72dpi) (Uruguay/Argentina/ Chile) Sun 8th Sep 11am Get ready to sail the high seas with this fun stop-motion animated adventure about Alexander Selkirk, the pirate who inspired the famous novel, Robinson Crusoe.

La Playa DC

La-Playa--DC_13-JuanCarlos-Corte_300dpi (Colombia) Sun 8th Sep 4pm Official Selection (Cannes Film Festival, 2012). Rising Colombian director Juan Andres Arango has captured the raw underbelly of his native Bogota in this hip-hop infused coming-of-age drama. This is a story of heartbreak, hard drugs and hard choices.

Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America | Mercedes Sosa: La Voz de Latinoamérica

STILL-010(72dpi) (Argentina) Sun 8th Sep 6pm Q&A with guest director Rodrigo Vila. The life of the great Argentinean folk singer Mercedes Sosa.


Melaza_PROGRAM (Cuba/France/Panama) Sun 8th Sep 8pm Beautifully simple cinema, this sensitive, restrained love story is speckled with humour and its captivating scenery offers us a rare glimpse of rural Cuba and the people who live there. Melaza is a fine first work by a new talent in Cuban cinema that stems from a great tradition.

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth | Corazón del Cielo, Corazón de la Tierra

Heart-of-Sky-Web (Germany, USA, Guatemala) Mon 9th Sep 6pm This kaleidoscopically beautiful documentary follows the daily and ceremonial lives of six articulate young Maya as they struggle to maintain their way of life in a world of rampant exploitation of the Earth's resources.

The Passion of Michelangelo | La pasión de Michelangelo

The-Passion-of-Michelangelo-PROGRAM (Chile) Mon 9th Sep 8pm An intense religious drama set during the Pinochet regime and based on a true story. An ambitious debut fiction feature for Chilean writer-director Esteban Larrain. Beautifully shot on 16mm in earthy tones.

Double Documentary Session: Inocente & Street Years

Inocente_300dpi_PROGRAM Tues 10th Sep 6pm Academy Award® winner 'Inocente' kicks off this double documentary session highlighting the remarkable story of homelessness and the power of art in effecting change! The second film of this special session, 'Street Years' follows young people living on the streets of Buenos Aires over an 11 year period.

Father’s Chair | A Busca

(Brazil) Tue 10th Sep 8pmThe Turner, Brazil, Dir. Fernando Camargo & Matheus Parizi A classic road trip into the depths of humanity, diving into the complex, exquisite, and emotionally challenging relationship between parents and children.

The Accordion’s Voyage | El Viaje del Acordeón | Mid-Festival Fiesta

The-Accordion's-Voyage_300dpi_Program (Colombia/Germany) Wed 11th Sep 7pm There is no place for failure when there’s a calling, music and joy. Join us after the film for live vallenato music at SLAFF’s Festival Hub!

For a While | Por un tiempo

(Argentina) The Festival's Bankstown screenings kick off with this award-winning story of love, loss, acceptance and of families re-imagined. Director Gustavo Garzón film follows Leandro and Silvina as their worlds hit a crossroads and both love and loyalty are tested. 'For a While' is a great drama with highly likeable characters.

Damn Lamb | La Culpa del Cordero

Damn-Lamb-300dpi_program (Uruguay) How exactly does a family implode? Jorge and Elena have been married for more than 35 years and have some rather bigs news for the kids, but the kids have even greater news!


Ocelot_Corcovado's-dark-secret Don’t miss this diverse line-up of local films competing for the prestigious Local Filmmakers Award. These filmmakers have covered a broad spectrum of stories, come along and meet local directors telling important stories.

Topsy Turvy | Patas Arriba

Patas_arribas-PROGRAM (Venezuela) Ailing Renato knows his time is running out and with his granddaughter, little Carlotta as willing accomplice, he plots to escape and sail from Venezuela to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil.

The Lighthouse | El Faro

El-faro-2-PROGRAM (Colombia) With striking scenery and an otherworldly quality, this original love story heralds the return of one of Colombia’s most admired and respected directors, Fernando Bottía.