The 12th Sydney Latin American Film Festival, is excited to announce the return of the Feature Film Jury Award. The award is presented in recognition of cinema which shows a breadth of diversity and demonstrates a willingness to takes risks. The jury assessing the competition entries consists of 3 members of the arts community. Each will bring their own unique perspective on film and art with a wealth of expertise and experience.

The winner of the 2017 Feature Film Jury Award is El Amparo (Venezuela, dir Rober Calzadilla). In a joint statement the jury said “we selected a film with extreme emotional potency and one that feels incredibly timely and important right now. Roberto Calzadilla’s debut feature, El Amparo is a tale of injustice. It’s about a 30-year old tragedy that decimated a Venezuelan pueblo.

One of the central themes explored in this powerful film is truth – which, in this era of fake news, detention centres, plebiscites and questionable presidents, resonates deeply with the world we live in right now and reminds us that we each have a part to play during these challenging times.”

Jonathan Page

Jonathan Page has worked in a range of capacities in film, television and live theatre for 20 years. In 2010 Jonathan established Bonsai Films to work with distributors, sales agents and producers providing practical and viable solutions to exploit rights, develop projects and fund films. He has licensed over $25 million worth of content to Australian broadcasters, airlines and online platforms and has released over 30 feature films.

Jonathan has Executive Produced a number of Australian features including Mary and Max, The Babadook, Broke and this year The Death and Life of Otto Bloom and Emo the Musical.

Daz Chandler

Daz Chandler is an Australian-born filmmaker and inter-disciplinary content creator with a background in broadcast journalism and presenting for television and radio.

Her main interest lies in material that challenges preconceived sociocultural & political ideas and creates instances of engagement, or points of connection between unlikely parties. Daz also enjoys developing projects that indulge her dark sense of humor and flirt with the surreal and unexpected.

Paul Struthers

Paul has a Bachelor of Arts from Royal Holloway University of London and has worked in the film industry for 13 years. In London he worked in Distribution, Exhibition and as a Sales Agent. He arrived in Sydney eight years ago, and has been working in Marketing for Sydney Film Festival ever since.

From May 2013 he was a key Queer Screen volunteer, and in October of that year was appointed Mardi Gras Film Festival Festival director. He continued to be festival director for 4 editions, and 3 editions of Queer Screen Film Fest. He is now helping Sydney Film Festival set up their Education Program.