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About the Sydney Latin American Film Festival

The Sydney Latin American Film Festival has been the cornerstone for Latin American cinema and culture in Sydney since 2006.  We are a not for profit organisation and funds raised from tickets sales are injected into social justice, environmental and community development organisations in Latin America and Australia. Over the past 12 years, our Community Support Program has raised more than $120,000. We could not have done this without our numerous volunteers, supporters, collaborators and sponsors, whose passion for promoting Latin American cinema and culture has enriched many lives.

The SLAFF committee and crew are passionate, span generations and each represent different geographical regions of Latin America, bringing an array of ideas and experiences from a Latin American perspective. This diversity is priceless and represented in our year-round programming.

We live and breathe Latin American film and culture. We live in your community and will bring you the best films and events with the broadest spectrum throughout the year.

But we still have a lot of work to do. Even in a multicultural city like Sydney, stereotypes abound about being Latino/a. The Sydney Latin American Film Festival has a responsibility to represent the diversity of stories, cultures and voices coming from the vast Latin American continent. We aim to achieve this through a deeply considered selection of feature films, documentaries and shorts that further the understanding and appreciation of Latin America.


Sydney Latin American Film Festival Inc

Management Committee

President: Laura Luna
Vice President: Vicki Gutierrez
Treasurer: Luis Miguel Palomino Ortiz
Secretary: Lidia Luna
Committee:  Jaqueline Andres, Cynthia Baldwin, Kathleen Berezay


SLAFF is a not-for-profit organisation, run by a passionate and dedicated team of volunteers and collaborators.The 13th SLAFF crew are:

Festival Programmer: Gisselle Gallego
Project Coordinator/ Partnership Coordinator: Laura Luna
Production Manager: Vicki Gutierrez
Community Support Program: Ana Lopez
Marketing Coordinator: Mauricio Espinoza
Social Media Manager: Tim Siow
Community Liaison: Daniele De Jesus
Volunteer Coordinator: Fernanda Miranda
Supporters: Gian Luca Borgogelli, Derrick Sargo, Luccas Pereira and the team @Red Devils Academy, Amanda Buckland, Olivia Patchett and the team @Inner West Council, Fernando Cazar, Raquel Duron, Eleni Christou, Melanie Dulfer-Hyams, Ana Maria Parada, Pamela Rodriguez and the Maroubra Caves Project, Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, A.C, Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografia (CNAC), Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE), Jaime E. Manrique and Felipe Montoya, director and programmer of the Bogotá Short Film Festival, Hebe Tabachnik, Jonathan Page, Carlos Encina @NSW SLASA, Create NSW, Multicultural NSW, Raphael Brasil, Tiago De Lucca, Gai Bryant and Willie Sabor.
Web development: Mark Taylor
Festival Design & Graphics: Takethecatout |
Festival Trailer: Davor Opacak |
Community Support Program Trailer: Matías Carreño


Media enquiries:
Sponsorship enquiries:
Addison Rd Picture House enquiries:
General enquiries:



An enormous ‘Thank You’ to the many volunteers who have given their time, knowledge, energy and passion into producing the Festival. SLAFF Inc’s success is in thanks to the extensive experience, knowledge and networks that our Management Committee provide. We are humbled and honoured by their absolute and ongoing commitment to SLAFF’s vision.