Between Sea and Land

Between Sea and Land / La Ciénaga   |   Friday 9th September  9pm     


Afflicted with a rare condition, Alberto has lain bedridden for most of his 28 years. Cared for by his mother Rosa in Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, his main connection to the world is the cherished visits from his childhood friend Giselle. But Rosa and Giselle’s worlds are at odds and they play out with devastating consequences

Feature, Colombia, 2016, Dir. Manolo Cruz, Co-director Carlos Castillo, 98 min, Spanish with English subtitles


The Sea Was Calm/La Mar Estaba Serena. A short film by Pablo Schulkin, Uruguay, 2015. Presented by Cine Las Americas

Montevideo, 1979. Alejandro is a 5-year-old child who lives with his aunt Mariana, a young woman in her thirties. Together, they share a ritual: listening to and recording audio tapes for his parents, who are currently abroad. But a secret underlies the lives of these characters, innocent victims of someone else’s war.

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Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

Director: Manolo Cruz

Manolo Cruz is from Bogotá, Colombia, and has been one of the most well-known actors in his country since the age of six. He began studying directing and screenwriting in 2010, looking to complement his acting talents by telling his own stories. After creating five short films, he decided it was time to make his first feature,Between Sea and Land, which expresses his own cinematic point of view.

Co-director: Carlos Castillo

Carlos del Castillo is a New York Film Academy director and producer who specialises in symbolism, audiovisual effects, screenwriting, and cinematography. He graduated in dramatic arts and has directed 25 plays on the South American stage. Between the sea and land is his first feature