Deep Ecology Workshop

Sat 16th June | 11.30am

Casa Latinoamericana | Addison Rd Community Centre | 142 Addison Road | Marrickville, NSW 2204 | Australia

Human identity exists at the intersection of the ancient cycles of air, water and soil. In spite of the pervasive illusion of separation, in reality no separation is possible between nature and ourselves. By acknowledging our interconnectedness we invite the spontaneous healing of the psyche. Using personal sharing, experiential deep ecology and creative exercises, we dissolve the separation between person and planet. Vision and empowerment arise naturally from re-aligning ourselves with the living Earth.

About the Workshop

This 4-hour workshop will explore the dynamic between social and ecological identity and introduce participants to experiential processes which nourish ecological identity and allow us to strengthen our felt-sense of connection to the Earth. With a presentation which includes music and poetry, John Seed will show us how to nourish our ecological identity and align ourselves with Earth.

About the Facilitator

John Seed: author, filmmaker, lecturer, activist and founder of the Rainforest Information Centre John has written and lectured extensively on deep ecology, conducting Council of All Beings and other re-earthing workshops world wide for 30 years. With Joanna Macy, Pat Fleming and Arne Naess he co-authored ‘Thinking Like a Mountain: Towards a Council of All Beings’, (translated into ten languages). In 1995 John was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to conservation and the environment.

What is Deep Ecology?

Deep Ecology is a philosophy of nature which sees that underlying the environmental crisis there is a psychological disease stemming from the illusion of separation between humans and the rest of the natural world. The late Arne Naess, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy from Oslo University, Norway who coined the term “deep ecology” pointed out that our “ecological ideas are not enough to protect the Earth, we need ecological identity, ecological self”.

John Seed is currently working on a campaign to save a very old protected cloud forest in Ecuador that has had mining concessions applied to it by the former government. They are fighting in the courts to have the mining concessions negated so he is trying his hardest to support them financially. Donations towards legal expenses to protect the Los Cedros Biological Reserve in Ecuador from mining are welcome on the day of the workshop.

More info

Presented as part of Pachamama Festival 2018 and supported by Inner West Council’s Open Inner West.


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