We Don’t Need a Map | Film Screening

Sat 16th June | 6.30pm

We Don’t Need a Map | 2018 | Warwick Thornton |  85mins

An intergalactic tale of rebellion, symbolism and Indigenous astronomy. Made by one of Australia’s leading filmmakers, this feisty film examines the cultural place of the Southern Cross constellation across the Australian psyche back to Australia’s first peoples.

The Southern Cross is the most famous constellation in the southern hemisphere. Ever since colonisation, it’s been claimed, appropriated for ownership by a range of radical Australian subcultures.

But for Aboriginal people the meaning of this heavenly body is deeply spiritual – the Southern Cross isn’t even a cross – it’s a totem that’s deeply woven into the spiritual and practical lives of Aboriginal people.

“We Don’t Need A Map, for our money, is the best Sydney Film Festival opening night selection in memory.”

Pre-film Yarn Session

We Don’t Need a Map is screened in conjunction with Yarn Australia’s ‘Night Sky Storytelling‘ session on before the film. Come listen to Australia’s First Peoples’ stories from local elders about the different constellations in the night sky and their cultural significance to Indigenous peoples in Australia. Entry to the yarn session is by donation.

Presented as part of Pachamama Festival 2018 and supported by Inner West Council’s Open Inner West.