Elephant: The Horse

Elephant: The Horse / Un Caballo Llamado Elefante   |   Sunday 11th September  11am


Lalo and Roberto are given a final mission by their grandfather: to take care of Elephant, his beloved horse. When Elephant goes missing the boys track him to a travelling circus full of eccentric characters, setting them on a course for a much grander quest than either could have imagined. This real account is mixed with fantasy tales from Violeta Parra’s siblings, Lalo and Roberto Parra.

Feature, Chile/Colombia/Mexico, 2016, Dir. Andrés Waissbluth, 80 min, Spanish with English subtitles


We All Need Help/ Todos Necesitamos Ayuda. Presented by KidzFlicks, the Sydney International Festival of Film by Children

A man emigrates from Brazil to Spain in search of work. There, he realizes that we all need each other.

Pre screening fun by Pistachio Entertainment from 10 am.

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Director: Andrés Waissbluth

Andrés Waissbluth was born in the United States, spent his early childhood in Mexico and now lives in Chile. In 1996 he received a scholarship to study at the International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba, where he graduated in 1996 as Director of Film and Television. In 1999 he directed the documentary 18 In the Park. In 2003 he directed his first feature film The Debutantes which was followed by 199 Tips to be Happy, filmed in Barcelona, in 2008.