Sun 10 Sep & Sun 24 Sep

Ricardo Darin and Sebastian Borensztein reunite after 2011’s smash hit Chinese Take-Out

Ricardo Darín (star of Oscar winning “The Secret of Your Eyes” and Oscar nominated “The Son of the Bride) stars as Captain Kóblic in this must-see film bristling with tension. Argentina 1977: the military dictatorship executes political prisoners by throwing them into the sea from Navy aircraft. Kóblic is the unknowing pilot of one such flight and, upon discovering the grim fate of his passengers, he reaches the most agonising crossroad of his life.

Winner: 2016 Malaga Spanish Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor & Best Cinematography

Australian Premiere, Feature, Argentina/ Spain, 2016, Dir. Sebastián Borensztein, 97 min, Spanish with English subtitles

Casula Powerhouse 24 Sep @ 6pm
Feature Director BIO – Sebastián Borensztein 

Sebastián Borensztein is an award winning screenwriter and director, having won numerous international awards including the Goya Award given by the Spanish Films Academy for Best Iberoamerican film,  with Un Cuento Chino starring Ricardo Darín (Koblic). Before making features, Borenzstein was one of the most successful and prolific TV producers, directors and writers in Argentina. He created nearly a dozen TV series in the 90’s including El Garante which won dozens of awards including four Martín Fierro awards and a nomination for the international Emmy. In 2000 Borensztein won the Konex Award in Argentina, recognized as one of the five best directors of the decade.

Featured Short Film
Crabs’ Flight/ El vuelo de los cangrejo 

Short, Venezuela, dir. Bhima Gandica and Inti Rorres Escuela de los medios audiovisuales EMA , UNIVERSIDAD DE LOS ANDES

While playing hooky from school, Pablo and Luis find a body buried in the beach. Their mother, Rosa, goes to the town’s only authority, Prefect Ledezma. But things begin to turn when it seems Prefect Ledezma might be involved in the incident.