Pachamama Festival | 23 & 24 June 2017

The Pachamama Festival is a celebration of global stories of cultural connection to the land through art, film, dance, talks, workshops and music.

We will be premiering some of the most exciting films to recently come out of Australia & Latin America. Beautifully shot, these stories will bring you close to the peoples who are actively trying to share their wisdom to keep our world alive. These films reflect on ways that society can reconnect and honour that which gives us everything, calling for evolution. Pachamama is a festival all about rediscovering, strengthening and paying attention to our connection with the Earth, how she lives, breaths and hurts.

Virtual Pachamama
We are launching our two virtual Pachamama Festival spaces and invite you to become the roots of the tree!

Pachamama Page:
Follow our Pachamama Page where we will be sharing short films, music, news and event announcements in the vibe of the Pachamama Festival to keep the global creative space flowing throughout the year.

Pachamama Group:
Join our Pachamama Group to be part of growing global community of artists, activists and change makers who want to support communities being displaced by Oil, Mining and Agro-business around the world.


The Pachamama Festival has been going since 2014 check out some of the beautiful highlights from the archives below!

  • Gold Fever
  • Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians
  • Pacha Music Workshops
  • Little Pachamama’s - Childrens short film session
  • Pachamama Speakers Corner
  • Humano - Australian Premiere
  • Special Performance of Ethnodanceology
  • Aluna - Feature Film & Dance Performance
  • Catalina & the Sun + Cedar Trees - Dance, Film & Presentation
  • Pachamama Exhibition
  • Pacha Workshops
  • Daughter of the Lake | Film + Special Dance performance
  • Putuparri and the Rainmakers
  • Storytelling & Mural Design workshop ‘Ecological Heroes'
Pachamama Festival 2016