Your Parents will Come Back

Your Parents will Come Back / Tus Padres Volverán   |   Sunday 11th September  6pm


In 1983, 154 children of Uruguayan political exiles, aged 3 to 17, travelled from Europe to Uruguay by themselves. Upon their arrival to Montevideo the children were given a hero’s welcome; thousands lined the streets singing, “your parents will come back”. This moving documentary investigates how this powerful political gesture shaped the identities of the children, their sense of home, family and belonging.

Documentary, Uruguay, 2015, Dir. Pablo Martínez Pessi, 81 min, Spanish with English subtitles


Normal. A short film by Vadim Lasca Orsini, Venezuela, 2015

Fabricio, a Chavista young man, is stuck at home during the 2014 riots in Venezuela. Alejandra, his former girlfriend, is participating in the street rioting, and pursued by the National Guard arrives without knowing to Fabricio’s house. Due to the volatile situation in the streets, Alejandra decides to stay with Fabricio until it is safe to get out. Set amongst a chaotic backdrop, they attempt to deal with their political differences, which had previously led to their break-up.

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Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

Director: Pablo Martinez Pessi

Pablo has a degree in Communication Studies at the University ORT Uruguay. Since 2006 he has developed several projects in Gabinete Films, where he works as a director and producer. Since 2010 he has taught Film Editing at Montevideo’s University, Uruguayan Cinema School and Communication School from ORT University (Uruguay). In 2009 he presented “From the waters”, best documentary of Uruguay in ATLANTIDOC 2009. He directed “Normal” (2012) a medium-length documentary, short documentaries as “Semillitas” (2006), “Guarino” (2007), and short fiction films as “Besos en la boca” (2009), “Los aviones” (2008) and “Palabras Cruzadas” (2005). He is the Director and Producer of Your parents will come back.