Patient / Paciente   |   Sunday 11th September  4pm


PATIENT is the word that defines us as we follow medical instructions or have to stay calm while we wait. In Colombia, a country where the harsh health system requires its users to face absurd bureaucratic obstacles to access its services, Patient is not only the one who have the disease but also the one responsible for the daily struggle to ensure that his or her loved one receives all necessary needs.

Documentary, Colombia, 2015, Dir. Jorge Caballero, 85 min, Spanish with English subtitles


Sara. A short film by Ingrid Pérez, Colombia, 2015. Presented by Bogotá Short Film Festival.

In a working class neighbourhood in the Colombian city of Cali, Sara wants to be like her older sister, Rossana: well-trained and more experienced. To achieve this, she tries to win her sister’s boyfriend, Gustavo. In a universe of teenagers, music and dance, in the discovery of identity and sexuality, Sara, without knowing, tries to find something unrecognisable to her… she tries to find herself.

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Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult.

Director: Jorge Caballero

Jorge Caballero is the coordinator of interactive documentary in the Master of Documentary Autonomous University of Barcelona. Director of the films “Bagatela” , Birth” and “Patient” and has won the Colombian National Documentary Award twice. He has also won awards at various festivals including BAFICI , Guadalajara and Alternative Barcelona among others. He also develops interactive and transmedia projects such as as The Border.