Roberto Porta

Robert Porta Interview

Along with the Opening Night film, El Techo, comes a comedy short that is told in the most pretentious, most poetic, but above all, most solemn possible way. Roberto Porta’s short film, Pequeño Manifiesto en Contra Del Cine Solemne, puts a comedic twist on overly serious and dramatic cinema. The story follows the events of a couple meeting and their subsequent relationship after a night of intimacy.

We caught up with Roberto and asked him about his short, which is coming to SLAFF directly from Cannes. His goal with this sweet and hilarious short was to satirise the overused and unnecessary formal cinematic conventions which have fallen into cliché.

During a particular party, a lonesome man meets a friendly women and proceeds to take it further after a night of intimacy. After then, they reveal their true character to each other and neither are pleased with what they find.

What really shines in this short is how Porta systematically picks a conventional theme in traditional cinema and demonstrates its absurdity. From slow motions to long shots, Porta reveals that one main technique alone isn’t enough to save a movie. “Films are good for a number of elements and the combination of those, and much more.”

As we caught up with Porta, he described his passion on why he chose to make this film. “It started after I left a short film projection, angry of seeing the same thing over and over.. I thought it would be a good idea for a short film to mock all this.”

“Little Manifesto…” started out as a passion project of Porta’s, and he says that he was lucky enough not to run into much trouble while producing this film. “My team (even the actors) was made up of friends, so the atmosphere was perfect…” With a small team of 15 people, a vigorous nine month production, and an out-of-pocket budget, Porta has defied the odds to producing a fantastic and hilarious made short.

Porta’s short was so successful, it was eventually selected by the Festival de Cannes in France. Starting from small beginnings, this achievement has filled him with joy. “It was like a dream… literally from another world… Beautiful.” However, he isn’t stopping here. He plans on continuing making more shorts, as he moves forward in his career. “If I ever get lucky enough to make a (feature)… it’s my idea to keep making short films.”

Following the selection from the Festival de Cannes, this film will have a special screening at the Sydney Latin American Film Festival 2017 Opening Night prior to the main film, El Techo. 

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