Fri 23rd 6.30pm – 10pm | Sat 24th 1pm – 8pm @ ADDISON RD COMMUNITY CENTRE MARRICKVILLE

Collisions is a story we urgently need to hear as we struggle to develop a meaningful response to the human‐induced climate change of our shared planet.

Collisions, directed by artist/filmmaker Lynette Wallworth, is a virtual reality journey to the homeland of indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan and the Martu tribe in the remote Western Australian Pilbara desert. The Martu lived largely untouched by Western culture until the 1960’s.

Martu Filmmaker Curtis Taylor, will be bringing the Collisions to Sydney to present the story of his grandfathers people.

About the Immersive Experience

With the Gear VR headset and headphones on, the film’s powerful animation sequence gives a gripping sensation of the visceral force of the atomic blast that levels everything in its way. This counters powerfully with the sensation of being with Mr. Morgan as he moves about his homeland, seeing the detail in the vast, searing landscape where, as his grandson tells us “every rock is known.”

VR Experience • 15 minutes • English & Martu •

Entry to this is experience by donation in support of Martu Community Media Projects.

Reserve your spot on arrival to festival venue.

About elder Nyarri Morgan

Nyarri’s first contact with western culture came in the 1950’s via a dramatic collision between his
traditional world view and the cutting edge of Western science and technology when he witnessed firsthand and with no context, an atomic test.

Nyarri offers us a view to what he saw and, reflecting on this extraordinary event, shares his perspective on the Martu way to care for the planet. COLLISIONS focuses on the needs of future generations as we dive head‐long into the fourth industrial revolution.

Through the use of the world’s most immersive technology in combination with Wallworth’s world‐class storytelling, the audience of Collisions is invited to experience an alternative understanding of long‐term decision making via one of the world’s oldest cultures. It highlights our inability to imagine the possible unintended consequences of our actions—provoking thought around the environment and the sustainable use of the world’s resources with a view to the generations to come.


Director – Lynette Wallworth
Producer – Nicole Newnham
Featuring – Nyarri – Nyarri Morgan
Narration – Lynette Wallworth & Curtis Taylor
Executive Producers – Diana Barrett, Sandy Herz, Gigi Pritzker, Cori Shepherd Stern
Producers – Nicole Newham, Lynette Wallworth
Associate Producers – Nola Taylor, Gabrielle Sullivan
Director of Photography – Patrick Meegan
Editor – Karryn De Clinque
Virtual Reality Production Partner – Jaunt VRJaunt
VR Producer & VFX Supervisor – Patrick Meegan
Line Producer – Belinda Mravicic
Sound Recordist – Liam Egan
Sound Design – Tom Myers, Skywalker Sound 13
Visual Effects – Whiskeytree, Jossie Malis, Alex Cherney
Post Production Producer – Grace Raso