Pachamama Opening Night

Fri 15th June | 6.30pm

Pachamama Festival 2018 will uncover the night sky as part of this years Open Inner West.

The 5th Pachamama Festival brings together a range of creative expressions in celebration of diverse cultures and their connections to nature. Opening night on Friday 15 June features a fusion of Australian/ Latin American rhythms headlined by the Maroubra Caves Crew with dance performances and video projections.

About Maroubra Caves:

Maroubra Caves emerges from a vision of uniting cultures and as a platform to explore Sydney’s rich and diverse world music scene. This stage converges artists from all over the world, creating a magical space, full of joy and cultural exchange. Since its inception two and a half years ago, Maroubra Caves has evolved to be an influential, outdoor gathering in Sydney. In a small natural “stage” it has become a pioneer scenario for more than 10 independent artists and bands, in which they have been able to show their art to a faithful and warm public.


PATO LARA· With an extraordinary career in Australia representing Latin American music, Patricio Lara will present songs from his soon to be released album. Pato’s voice emerges from his soul, to give us a message and invite us to vibe in life.

DIANA MILOJA· Diana Miloka stories have become a beautiful tradition in Maroubra Caves. She speaks from the soul and her words talk about life, love and passion.

AIRE· Aire is comprised by a group of Colombianas guided by the pioneer of Colombian folkloric music in Australia, Francisco Castillo. Aire is influenced by the music of the Pacific region of Colombia; reviving traditional sounds that carry ancestrality and roots from the african diaspora combined with Indigenous sounds. Aire performs an array of rythms, such as: arrullo, currulado, bunde, porro y more.

ANDES TRIBE· Andes Tribe Bellydance Company ​is ​composed of Ely Sun, from Argentina, and Javiera Olavarría, from Chile​. The dance genre that we perform is called tribal​ style belly ​dance​. This modern style merges costumes and folkloric dance styles from the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, and India. ​Our performances are inspired by the magic of life, poetry and the elements, encouraging in each dance the joy, feminine connection and the love for the earth that unites us all.

FERNANDO & LONJA· An innovative and creative idea bringing together professional performing artists from different cultures that will inspire your soul to dance. Afrocandombe Uruguayo.

THE CAVE BAND· Formed by the Founders of Maroubra Caves. They are been perfoming around Sydney for about 2 years, with latinamerican music that delivers emotion, roots and dance. Pamela Rodriguez (guitar and vocal), Carlos Arango (guitar) and Fernando Coloma (percussions).

Facebook: @maroubracaves

Instagram: #maroubracaves

Drinks + traditional food for purchase round out this spectacular evening not to be missed.

6:00pm for 6:30pm

Presented as part of Pachamama Festival 2018 and supported by Inner West Council’s Open Inner West